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Grace Course

The Grace Course

Many of us can be motivated by guilt, shame, fear or pride instead of being motivated by love for God. We can be doing all the right things, believing the right things and saying all the right things but deep down we know something is missing and our lives are not producing fruit or experiencing the rest that God promised us.

What is missing is a true understanding of God’s grace. By His grace we are declared:


We probably accept that we are saved by grace but we can quickly slip into following a set of rules to try and be what we think God wants us to be, instead of resting in His grace and serving Him out of gratitude and because we want to.


The truth that we have been declared not guilty will restore our relationship with God and be a real antidote to the guilty feelings that many of us live with. In Jesus we can measure up to all of God’s righteous demands, and live in true freedom.


In Jesus we are completely new creations, but many of us are still troubled by what others say and by struggling with old sinful habits, leaving us feeling defeated. By understanding that we are truly made new, we can by God’s grace overcome these sins and live unashamed and free.


God’s power has given us everything we need! He didn’t intend for us to live in fear of people or situations but to have a healthy fear of Him based on His great majesty and holiness, safe and secure in His eternal love for us. Living in God’s grace gives us a new boldness and courage.


God doesn’t want us to set ourselves up as “guardians of the truth” living by following a detailed set of laws and becoming proud that we follow them more closely than others. When we realise that God has written His laws in our hearts it leads to us humbling ourselves, before Him and in our relationships with others.


True dependence on Jesus means walking in step with Him and listening to His voice. He promises a light yoke and an easy burden. We become truly fruitful when we enter into the rest that Jesus offers us rather than toiling and becoming exhausted by our own efforts to try and please Him.

As well as the six sessions outlined above, the course contains an awayday when participants go through the Steps to Experiencing God’s Grace. This is a kind and gentle ministry during which the lies we have believed about ourselves and about how God sees us are dealt with in the light of God’s amazing grace

The Grace Course is suitable for all Christians but you will get the most from it of you have already attended the Freedom in Christ course. The Grace Course runs for six consecutive evenings and ends with an all day Saturday at the Jubilee Auditorium, George Street, Maidstone.

To enquire further about the course or any other Jubilee Family Life Centre information please call 01622 430125.

The next course is starting Tuesday 31st May 2016 and will continue weekly each Tuesday evening for six weeks until Tuesday 5th July.